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+1 to Fredrik! I also have to throw in agreement with Ken that the whole setuptools is quite frustrating when it doesn't work. I actually chose to write a scraper with Perl's WWW::Mechanize over the Python equivalent because setuptools did not work correctly on OS 10.4.4. I simply failed, downloading the same packages over and over; never recognizing that things were installed. This is better than distutils how?! I like Python. I prefer Python. It physically hurt that I had to use Perl to get my job done.

Frankly, I really don't care where things are installed as long as it's consistent, customizable, and usable. setuptools and ez_install failed for me. It may have been designed to be easy to use, but it wasn't consistent and certainly wasn't usable. Perhaps in time, they'll work the bugs out. However, I still prefer having the option to use simple distutils setups to install my Python software.

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by Chad


Does this not work for you?

python setup.py easy_install --no-deps .

I'm curious why not. (Just didn't know it existed perhaps?... it is documented in the very module you're complaining about, but perhaps I should make it more prominent.)

# John Lee

Two other points:

  1. The project you complain about is mine and hasn't been releasing very often recently (I must fix my crappy release scripts). Also, the use of setuptools by that project is new. So, I put my hands up and admit that the failure could easily be my fault, not setuptools'.
  2. If you get time, a bug report is welcome! (Send it to me -- if it's setuptools' fault, I'll forward the bug report along)
# John Lee