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Re: Sad conflicting packages

I agree, this situation is unfortunate. I would gladly support any solution that will make it easier for people to use both packages. In the mean time, what we have done with Schevo is simply included pydispatcher as a subpackage of schevo. Call it a fork, if you will. Then we use it like this:

from schevo.dispatcher import dispatcher
from schevo.dispatcher.errors import DispatcherKeyError

I don't think this is the ideal solution. And certainly Eggs makes dependency management much more palatable than it used to be, so someone may come up with something better. But if a simple solution isn't forthcoming, then sometimes you just do what you gotta do. You would not offend me in the slightest if you took the same approach with SQLObject. :-)

Comment on Sad conflicting packages
by Patrick K. O'Brien


Yeah, I'm thinking about doing that as well. I could repackage it as pydispatcher, but that makes the installation harder to handle, because I'd have to give that new package a name, and people couldn't install strictly from PyPI if they were using easy_install (unless I registered it, which I don't want to do... unless maybe it was a hidden registration, which might actually work...)

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