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Re: Sad conflicting packages comment 000

How is this simpler:

eventnet.driver.post('my_event', arg1=something, arg2=something_else)

Than this:

dispatcher.send('my_event', arg1=something, arg2=something_else)

Or listening with:

dispatcher.connect(my_event_handler, 'my_event')

It's not a decorator, but that would be very easy to implement. PyDispatcher also has has the concept of "sender", which I find useful, as I'm actually expecting to listen to events on a per-class basis (and SQLObject classes are the senders).

The events I'm proposing are listed in sqlobject.events in the repository -- it could quickly become a core part of how basic concepts like joins and columns are implemented. E.g., a column with a cascade=True setting would listen for a delete event.

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by Ian Bicking