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PyDispatcher doesn't really apply to the JSON code, so that's not an option. The name conflict doesn't help, because you simply can't have two distributions loaded with the same top-level name (except maybe with the technique PJE mentioned, though that requires repackaging the libraries, at which point I could just rename the package).

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by Ian Bicking


Well, I was suggesting that if enough people asked for it, then the authors of the respective packages (i.e., me and Patrick O'Brien) would probably be willing to include that code for compatibility's sake.

# Phillip J. Eby

Patrick doesn't do much with PyDispatcher these days AFAIK, but I'd certainly be willing to incorporate changes that would let the two packages coexist. Heck, if I recall correctly from our earlier discussion the two packages can actually be dumped into the same directory and both continue to function as expected.

# Mike Fletcher

Hmm, should have finished reading the whole comment thread. Apparently Patrick is all over it :) .

# Mike Fletcher

I'm more than happy to defer to you, Mike, since you've been shepherding the code for some time now. I appreciate all the work you've done to make the code available, fix bugs, add enhancements, etc.

# Patrick K. O'Brien