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Just wanted to clarify my prior comment as it might come off "flame-ish". My main intention was not to insult Paste or claim Myghty was the way. It was focused merely on realistic goals given the developers working on various projects.

As far as I know, Ian is the sole person working on SQLObject and FormEncode. I really really dig SQLObject and use it extensively, and I'm starting to use what I can from FormEncode to as its a really killer way to verify/coerce forms. Paste is yet another project that Ian's tackling. How many projects can you work on at once before some of them start lapsing?

The goal of my prior comment was, is Paste the solution? Will being able to easily install a dozen or two frameworks help a new web developer? How will the documentation be collected in one location and made uniform? Will Paste come with bundled frameworks, or will the framework maintainer be able to push framework updates down independently of Paste?

I'm sorry about the tone my other comment.

That's it. I'll shut up now. :)

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by Ben Bangert


As far as I know, Ian is the sole person working on SQLObject and FormEncode.

Actually, I've been lapsing on SQLObject work, but thankfully Oleg has been doing a good job maintaining it, and there's a group of people answering questions about it and submitting patches. So it's working out fine. There's been other significant contributions to FormEncode, and I'm hoping by keeping its scope very limited and clearly defined that it will also be able to exist on its own at some point, maybe even reach "maturity". And while Paste represents a particular vision of mine, I hope to bring other developers and visions into it; I know it's not easy getting an open source project to the point where it really is a collaborative project, but it's possible and something I think about quite a bit as I develop these things.

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