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Re: Ruby Meetup

I really wonder why Aquarium is AFAIK never being mentioned as Python alternative to Rails. It is very Pythonic, uses all Cheetah goodies, doesn't dictates how the Model must be programmed but has clear conventions for View and Conroller, and it has just enough "magic" for an easy start :-)

Comment on Ruby Meetup
by Ksenia


Some thoughts: pretty bare-bones website, minimal docs ("docs" being more than API). And using literate programming ideas for docs is basically telling people who want to RTFM to just read all the source code to figure out how it works. Most people don't find that an attractive way to learn something.

Also, with "never being mentioned", who should be mentioning it? It's up to the project and its users to make some noise! Everyone bitches about the Rails people making too much noise and (sometimes un)justified hype but then laments all the attention it's getting. They (DHH mostly) didn't just sit back and wait for attention. He went and got it. For better and/or worse.

I personally found 'Aquarium' a very fitting name, as it struck me as the code equivalent of a real one - a container with all different kinds of things floating around all over the place in it. Clearly I've some more source code to read...

# ToddG

You answer your own question....

"doesn't dictates how the Model must be programmed"....Rails wouldn't be much without ActiveRecord.

# Huy