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Thanks, Alan, for getting to this before I did. Claiming that Richard's response was patronising is the worst sort of nonsense. Some inappropriate material that offended more than a few people in the audience was shown. At the first available opportunity Richard, acting as Program Chair, apologised on behalf of the conference for the talk.

This was extremely professional of him, not "patronising". If OSS conferences (particularly volunteer-run ones like OSDC, PyCon and YAPC) want to actually be treated seriously, they could do a lot worse than bear this example in mind. You can't plan for all contingencies. You can, however, step up and deal with things when they go pear-shaped.

I'm not going to comment any further on this, although I have considered it - but I'd suggest you actually ask the people who were in the talk (particularly the women) as to whether they were offended. Hint: It wasn't just a couple of booby shots that was the be-all and end-all of the offensive material. Hint 2: The women (and some of the men) I've spoken to were offended, and in some cases, very offended.

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by anthony baxter


"""Claiming that Richard's response was patronising is the worst sort of nonsense"""

For the record, I said that Richard's post was patronising, not his response. However, if his response mentioned women specifically (as opposed to saying the porn was inappropriate), then it was patronising, too, and counterproductive to his goals (for more than one reason).

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