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Zope is not the example I would use to show off what can be done with Python. It's always been a disappointment to me, and many other people in the Python community. Though honestly, that has a lot to do with the fact it has been seen as The Way To Do The Web in Python; in part because it was over-sold by early adopters, and because there's no single compelling alternative. Zope just isn't a good platform (at all) for doing traditional database-backed websites, and it's going to be disappointing to use it that way.

But, really, it should be a lesson. Python can be hard to understand like anything else. It can be misdesigned like anything else. In the case of Zope, I think it's a matter of having been too ambitious. It's a terrible shame that an example of those flaws is also the most popular Python web programming platform. But there are alternatives.

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