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What middle management? They were downsized during the previous downturn? I know. I was once a member of our proud middle class, and I tried to make decisions that would benefit everyone as a whole, not just myself or one little group. My gaze was much longer than the end of my nose as I glanced over the figures and knew the need for long-term investment in our true #1 priority: people.

After being outsourced myself, I'm now forced to start my whole career over, at a time when I should be thinking about retirement (or even buying a house, hello--I'll still be a first time home buyer at age 65, but by then, what's the point?) I've worked all my life in the States, but due to the high cost of living and the continuous shrinkage of our real wages, I'm afraid I haven't anything to show for it. If anyone has a right to bitch, it would be my class <g>.

People (no matter what their race or country) SHOULD BE PAID a living wage for the work they do! That's why I think Henry Ford was such an innovator: not because he "invented" the assembly line, but because he paid his workers MORE THAN THE AVERAGE RATE! Guess what they did? They went out and bought his products (cars), and made him the multimillionaire he became!

You can only make products sooooooooo cheap, before you realize no matter HOW cheap you make them, people WITHOUT MONEY will still NOT BUY THEM! The real answer is not in making things cheaper and faster (I can no longer say better, as that is obviously without concern), but in pumping more money into the hands of ordinary people so they can spend it!

Or, as Mark Twain said, "The Poor are better than the Rich because they can do less damage." If you give a Rich man a million dollars, you'll never ever see it again. They will find some way of holding on to it so no one else can ever get it. It will be swallowed into the Black Hole of Calcutta (is that expression still in use today?) If you give that same amount to a poor man, you can single-handledly REVIVE THE ECONOMY. Why, you ask? Because he'll actually go out into the world and SPEND it on things he needs, stimulate production, and not grasp onto the last bleeding penny like the Rich and greedy man will. I know people soooo tight, they could sit on a lump of coal, and they would $hit a diamond!

Unfortunately, the rich (read: multi-national companies now in complete control of the world) in this country have seen fit to have only a two class system--themselves and everyone else. It used to be that American businesses only treated foreigners as bad as they're now treating everyone including our own citizens...

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