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This is in reply to sr3u. sru3 is right. There are very few Indians who contributed in the development of Linux.

I have been in the industry from the period of Burroughs (Mainframe) and seen hundreds of programmers. The attitude of most Indians programmers (repeat, "most", not "all") is just to "cook-up", copy other's code (they say "they don't want to re-invent the wheel"), download similar code from the internet and all sorts of mean activities. Worse is their bosses; they encourage them, because, there is pressuer from the Management to complete the project and the bosses want to complete it quickly. There are genuine programmers also. I respect them.

Ian Bicking is right. Outsourcing involve not just "software development". It involves whole lot of "psychology" of the company that take up the outsourcing activity. Driven by the motive of profit, (more projects, more money), there is a hidden urgency in completing projects, thereby, the pressure is transferred to the ends of the work-force. Naturally outsourcing produces incompetency.

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