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Re: Disrespecting the non-American Programmer

I am an Indian professional, employing software developers in java and lisp. I know something about python too. I agree with the authors statements. C'mon guys if the situation were reversed and America were india, we would be saying what he is!

Also for the kind of pay programmers get paid they hardly know their stuff. I have to spend 6-9 months on even most MCA/MCM students for them to lean GOOD coding practices.

Good programmers are always hard to find, get paid more AND usually have intentions to settle or earn loads of meny by working for 5-10 yrs. in the US..and then come back to high flying jobs in India.

Thus even the HIGH END GREAT developers don't really contribute to any aspect of the indian economic growth.

I wanted to use php, python in our software development effort. Python as a language would have been the best choice since we use object oriented techniques and functional programming too..but i could not find any decent pythin programmers who would possibly stick around for a long time ..or could be replaced by other python programmers!

Just remember 1 thing fellow indian...americans whining about lost jobs is natural...I rememeber several indian professionals who lost their jobs in he silicon valley, had to relocate to bangalore and were as bitter as "true" americans!...outsourcing dyanmics are natural..but if someone like this guy makes a fair comment.. then we should not be prejudiced..

chalo bye

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by indian_entrepreneur


Re: "but I am sick and tired of American programmers whining, when they have it so easy"

Unemployment is not easy for anyone. Having your living pulled out from under you is like having a leg chopped off.

-Unemployed ColdFusion Programmer in California

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I am a software tester trying to get into python.I learnt python for automation.I would say my knowledge is limited to the core(data structures,functions,classesetc...).But I can reach an advanced level if given an opportunity.

Vengat Ramanan.R


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