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The writer may have made some good points but the bigotry is obvious. Not as bad as the "angry reply" but it's still bigotry. As a programmer who considers himself logical, saying "Americans ARE better" doesn't make any sense. Programmers are individuals - not groups. The ability to program varies greatly among individuals. I've met American programmers who are blow mediocre. I've also met some exceptional programmers from India and Iran. You could reverse the countries in that statement and it would still be true.

What America has is a system that tries to stay out of the way and allows people to develop and benefit from their own talents. I have no doubt that there are many people in the developing nations that, given time and opportunity, will make great contributions to the programming arts, as long a their government or culture doesn't get in the way. Some may not always like the system - it's the reason why companies are allowed to outsource - but we all benefit from it.

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by joeg


That should say "below mediocre" not "blow mediocre". Sorry, my bad.
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