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Re: Disrespecting the non-American Programmer

'angry reply', whoever he/she/it is, and one might infer an Indian programmer, is a jerk

here are the facts: despite the politically correct homage of other people, I am willing to come right out and say the TRUTH:

Indian progammers are shit. period.

I hope & pray that India & China nuke each other.

Americans ARE better.

So there!

Comment on Disrespecting the non-American Programmer
by a real programmer


Well frankly, that's not very nice of you to say either. There are lots of nice, smart Indian people too.
# Ian Bicking

> I hope & pray that India & China nuke each other. <

Amazing. What a perfect illustration of how little in common many supposedly religious folks have with their faith, with humanity and with common sense.

I realize that its pointless to remind "Real Programmer" that Jesus never would pray for the annihilation of millions of people. I also realize that folks like "Real Programmer" will never admit to nor recognize in themselves the total lack of morality they display with such thinking.

I realize that its seemingly pointless to comment on such a rant, perhaps only serving to inflame an argument that might otherwise die a natural death in some persistent list structure -- but I fear the truly sane and moral have been letting the crazies get away unchallenged for far too long.

# Mike

Get over this bigotry all of you.

There are good and bad programmers.

There are bigots on either side. I have seen enough postings from rabid nationalists from India and the USA.

We are all being manipulated by the Corporate Greed Machine. If they discovered small green men on Mars that would do the work for free, do you think anybody in the USA or India would have a chance?

Stop fighting against each other. Make a stand against the greedy CEOs and the capitalist system because it is creating a lot of misery around the world. Fact is, this should be a wake up call for middle class America to realise that the capitalist system is going to screw you. India, you WILL be next when you become too successful and hence demand and supply rules elevate your salaries.

Fight this exploitation. Form co-operatives and guilds and resource locally. Resign from corporations that exploit globalisation. I am resigning from IBM in two weeks time (note NOT being given the boot) and working for a local company. I will not support this ethos.

The problem with most people is they want to ignore the difficult choices. Indians are highly motivated and deserve to do well if you think an easy life is your right. Get over it. Train up, prove your worth.

No I don't accept outsourcing because it destroys local communities. Guilds and cooperatives will be one way to maintain the link between preserving local community and high quality work; employees reap the benefits of their own work, not CEOs. Co-operatives are democratic (you reading this, American?) not socialistic or communistic in nature.

Think about it.

# Tony Bateman

Great reply!..small green men from Mars!..ha ha..excellent way to put it..

# topgun

I hope and pray for the samething!!!

However, a more realistic out come will be Pakistan NUKING those ARROGANT Indians!!!

And I hope that day comes soon!

# Mark

Mark, you are an ass..Good people in the world want peace and happiness everywhere...A lot of Americans are good people..they are considerate, happy, and care about the livelihoods of other people...that's what makes America a model nation!..you, buddy, are not the typical American..just like you should understand that not all indians are arrogant....it is people like you that need a spanking...I'll forgive you on the behalf of all Indians..

# topgun