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Repetition javascript library comment 000

MochiKit could certainly be used in those other contexts; the only difficulty might be the packaging and loading system, which is quirky in Javascript, and what tools that do exist are usually tied closely to their environment, e.g., a web browser. But MochiKit's things like iteration, adaptation, comparisons, etc., are all core Javascript things with no relation to the web.

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by Ian Bicking


MochiKit will eventually end up getting refactored and tested such that it works in some non-browser environments, but that's not an immediate plan of mine -- unless I end up writing Yet Another Goddamned JavaScript Unit-Testing Library.

Test.Simple is OK, but the implementation is ugly, non-portable, and could behave better in Safari. I could do better, but I really need to look at what Dojo is doing first as they also have their own unit test library.

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