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> Well, I'll bite and offer up Wareweb.

So followed this link ... the page it leads to offers no help whatsoever in understanding how Wareweb works. It rather scares me away with seemingly overcomplicated statements on how Wareweb is different from Webware.

All I need is a simple example to give me some level of understanding of how it works.

Comment on Reddit etc.
by Anon


I suppose the page doesn't really say how to start, though if you are familiar with servlets (which themselves aren't particularly complicated) then it should seem somewhat familiar. OTOH, I am not saying that you should use this instead of a full-stack system, and I'm not offering it up as an alternative to Django, and if you need guidance in application design this probably isn't the framework for you. Wareweb is a simple and predictable core, but it's only part of a full stack.

I could point you to the Commentary application I wrote, but I'm not sure it's going to help. And the Filebrowser app also uses it, but similarly it is a little funny and minimal (though at least it uses templates, where the Commentary application is so light on HTML that I opted not to use templates).

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