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Quick reST Help

These pages by default use Restructured Text, a ASCII->HTML format, Wiki-ish (but not really). Newlines define paragraphs, *'s turn into italic or bold text. Use two backquotes around text to make it like a code literal (e.g., ``code``). Use two colons to introduce a literal code block (the code block should be indented), like:

I would define the ``sum()`` function like::

    def sum(lst):
        if not lst: return 0
        return lst[0] + sum(lst[1:])

Links are converted automatically, or you can use something like:

I would look at `RFC 2822`_.

.. _RFC 2822: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2822.html

For more, see the Quick Restructured Text Help.


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