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Re: PyWordpress

REMOTE_USER authentication can be achieved via a WordPress plugin:


It uses the WordPress user database, though, meaning you still create users in WordPress.  If this is unacceptable for integration with Zope, I suggest looking at the "pluggable" functions:


Less editing of upstream source.  :)
Comment on PyWordpress
by Daniel Westermann-Clark


It's quite possible that there won't be much modification needed. wp-config.php in particular has to be added, because a number of files reference that filename in particular. However, extra plugins don't have to be in the Wordpress tree in particular. I haven't looked at how they are activated (maybe in wp-config.php itself?), but hopefully that process would be flexible enough for what we need. The get_user* and auth_redirect functions are mostly what we'd want to override, and they are both pluggable.

I suppose what we want to do is not very different from what wordpress.org does itself, to support fully automated installs.

# Ian Bicking