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Re: Paste 1.0

Congratulations Ian! Way too many projects never make it to 1.0 and most of the rest are not really 1.0 quality when they get there.

Paste reminds me of Python in its excellent technology and difficult product description. The problem is that people better understand descriptions in terms of what problems the code can solve for them. Consider the difference between: "Python is a general purpose object oriented scripting language popular for rapid prototyping, application building, scientific use and many other things." Compare to: "Ruby is a general purpose programming language most often used to very rapidly build highly mainainable Web sites through its Web Application Framework Rails."

I don't mean to reopen the whole Web Application Framework question but merely offer an analogy. The next time you describe Paste it would help if you would explain in one sentence what problem I would have that would lead me to use it. Is it three different things because it solves three different problems? If so, why does it have a single name? Or is it three different things that solve the same problem?

Comment on Paste 1.0
by Paul Prescod