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Re: Packaging Python

Given some 3am shenanigans with various setuptools autoinstallation tricks in conjunction with a fairly well-known Python package, I'd like to advise your readers to make full use of their distribution's packages and packaging system: no "automagical, I'm off to get stuff for you - bet you didn't expect that!" fun with setup scripts, just plain-and-simple use of the tools already available, documented and promoted things which everything else on your system already uses.

If setuptools played better with established solutions instead of wanting to install various things in /usr/bin without asking first, perhaps I'd take it a lot more seriously. Perhaps this isn't how setuptools is supposed to be used - in which case we have a prime example of how exciting new stuff, contrary to popular denial, really does have an impact on others via a combination of technical and social factors.

Comment on Packaging Python
by Paul Boddie