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Re: Packaging Python

Don't often disagree with you, but I do this time.

For some of us, python is the application. e.g. we want to analyse scientific data using python. We load libraries, we load (python) tools (aka applications) that use the libraries, but we mix them together to solve problems in python. We build wrappers to our legacy applications and we build libraries out of those, and we glue them together with python ...

... and tomorrows problem is different from todays, so the way we arrange things is different. I want a different bundle of libraries, and I want to different things with them ... I never release an application. Python is the application. Please don't argue that the application is the only endgame. We need to make it easy for people to package the libraries as well.

(p.s. my capta question is "of apples and oranges, which is more red" ... hmm is it a red delicious or a granny smith?)

Comment on Packaging Python
by Bryan