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Just curious...does EMacs do real autocompletion for Python?

Right now I'm using SciTE, which does smartly indent. I tried all those IDE's including Eric3 but they were much too slow. SciTE is very fast, and allows me to jump to an exception instantly. However no inline Python functions.

I think I'll try out that NewEdit. It looks Scintilla based from the screenshots, but doesn't overdo it. I'm glad you mentioned it!

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by Kevin Deenanauth


Emacs doesn't have "real" python auto-completion, for some value of "real". But pycomplete is a start. (requires pymacs.) The default keybinding is C-M-i. You may have to fiddle $PYTHONPATH before starting emacs to get it to find things you want to complete. Annoyingly, it seems to be a bit all-or-nothing: if something imported in the current buffer isn't on $PYTHONPATH, you can't complete anything, and I don't know know any way to supplement $PYTHONPATH without exiting emacs and fixing it in the shell. And pycomplete it doesn't work at all in filesystem Zope2 CMF "Scripts", but those are sufficiently weird that it's not surprising :-P

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I use Vim and now I'm using SciTE too.

Easy to configure and well documented, code folding for free, auto closing of xml tags, uses spaces or tabs according to the actual file or to your preference, show whitespaces and indentation, autocompletion (but only from the actual file), you can generate a python api file for calltips, support for UTF-8, runs on Linux and Windows. And is very small and fast (you can even put it on a usb drive).


The only negative point is that the author is more active on the Win side, anyway the GTK version works fine.

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Oh, and gnome 2.14 will come with a totally new gedit which will even spot a cool python plugin system.


I'm really looking forward to see how this will turn out.

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