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Re: Other Editors?

Several people have mentioned Vim and I thought I would touch on this just a little bit more.

Vim can satisfy ALL of your requirements:
  • Open Source: Hosted on sourceforge, see vim.org
  • Python scriptable: needs to be compiled in. This is true on default Windows build, not sure about Mac builds
  • Vim fully supports the single editor instance paradigm. I find it particularly good on windows when you add the edit with vim explorer extension(part of the default install) which lists the open instances for you to add the file to, or start a new instance.
  • All the standard features are there (highlighting, many language support, incremental search etc.)
  • Vim has smart indenting as well as smart reindenting (highlight code and press '=' to indent the selection according to automatic rules)
  • There are several emacs keybindings plugins
  • Vim is both gui and console which means that you can ssh into a box and run vim on the remote box. You can also have vim edit files that it gets over ssh, and ftp.
  • There is excellent windows support. I know people who use Vim on Mac, though I don't have Mac so I can't comment on its level of OS integration.
  • It is actively developed both from the standpoint of the core program(version 7 is in development) and plugins (see vim.org)

To give you an idea of how powerful Vim is check out http://cream.sf.net/ which is a project to make Vim easier to use for the masses. This is done though configuration files and scripts.

Comment on Other Editors?
by Chris Lambacher