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Re: Other Editors?

Hi Ian

My comment assumes you don't know Vim - if you do, and you still believe Emacs to be better for you, great(!) and ignore my post. Otherwise...

Vim is just awesome. Like someone famous once said, using Vi(m) is practically a zen experience in that the brevity of your keystrokes appears to cancel out brain chatter. You will already know this as an Emacs user, but for myself, switching from the notepad-like editors of ConTEXT, syn, Zeus and so forth, it was astonishing to me in Vim how low the number of keystrokes for typical routine editing tasks can become.

I don't claim to be a power user in any way, but the features I use often that continually blow my mind are:

I am not an Emacs user, so it is difficult for me to contrast the two for you. However, for the particular purpose of editing text and writing code, I imagine Vim will be hard to beat in terms of keystroke efficiency, if that is at all important to you.

Vi(m) is of course, not without its faults. For me, context sensitive completion for python (or any) code /modules is a big deal, because I come from a Delphi background and that feature of the Delphi IDE is incredibly cool. One day I will put in some effort to build a class inspector into vim. Since vim is python-scriptable, it shouldn't be that tough.

Good luck! Caleb

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by caleb