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Re: Orthogonality is Pretentious

Combined with the built-in tag/filter/model/view documentation in the Django admin, this really is an enormous timesaver for handing off finished apps to clients or non-programmers (like me). When we add a new tag or object to a client app, all I have to do is send the client developers a link to the docs and they know exactly what they need to add to the templates. And the best part is, our programmers move on to doing something else productive instead of lingering in the muck of helping the client (or me) make it "look right" in the template.

When you're a solo programmer I can see how it would be great to have total control and flexibility of a real programming language in the templates. But when you're handing off to someone who's not a programmer it's a killer feature to be able to control what they can and can't do without having to explain it to them. Just implement, handoff and get your shit done.

Comment on Orthogonality is Pretentious
by Wilson Miner


I totally agree with you. Adding on...

If you ever try a templating language that is Pythonic and try mixing up with CSS/HTML you are in for big trouble, as and when the designers do those little adjustments, the damn Python indentation gets screwed up. It can be a pain fixing them up

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