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I'm not sure we'll head for economic collapse. How would I know? I do see real irrationality in the economy, and problems in things I see as fundamental -- like the fact we, as a nation, have turned to a service economy. We spend all our times doing things for each other, rather than making things. That sucks (but heck, maybe a declining dollar will help change that).

But, economy aside, I see a situation where economic wealth (which is plentiful, recession or not) is not providing much happiness, security, or freedom. Instead of using wealth to put away some money for a rainy day, people are spending furiously to match any gains they see. Instead of using wealth to increase their happiness, they are squandering it on stupid material goods, like overbuilt houses and overbuilt vehicles. Putting aside any moral consideration about the world and limited resources, these things simply are effective at making people happy. And instead of using wealth to follow dreams, by squandering their wealth people are cornering themselves, creating a lifestyle that cannot withstand any transition. It's concerning, and it's bad for everyone; not just the individuals, but the families and communities and the entire world. Hell, economic collapse might just be better for everyone in the long term. Well, probably not...

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