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Five Ethanol Plants Receive $46 Million in Government of Canada Funding - link

In making the announcement, Minister Mitchell noted that projects supported under both rounds of the Ethanol Expansion Program expect to be producing a total of about 1.2 billion litres of fuel ethanol per year by the end of 2007. This would bring Canadian production to approximately 1.4 billion litres per year, seven times what it was prior to the launch of the program, and enough to meet the Government of Canada's climate change target for ethanol production two years ahead of schedule. This target is to have 35 percent of all gasoline in Canada contain a blend of 10-percent ethanol by 2010. Additionally, the $118 million in funding the Government of Canada has allocated under the EEP will result in close to a $1-billion investment from the companies involved in the projects.

comment: yawn. I will believe the govt is acting responsibly when it starts to force companies and consumers to adapt to a "less oil" future.

Bike rider, energy investor. Who says we can't profit off other peoples foolishness?

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by Michael Watkins