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Re: On ethanol

It's working on a mass scale in Brazil. It's helping the general public as well as the farmers. They're not kissing the Arabs' collective asses. Brazil is no small country. How much does it take to make us jerk our collective faces out of our asses to admit that this will work, has worked and is presently working??? How many more "feasability studies" by a bunch of phony titled pin-heads, funded by U.S. taxpayers will it take? We're in a bind. We're spending $2 billion/month on Bush's war (and were not even receiving any oil from Iraq), we're losing the very most precious assets we have: our dedicated, mostly youthful military servants. (Yeah, I know.. but I have failed to hear of one instance where DUB has suggested that his daughters should volunter to to go to Iraq to show their love and support for the Iraqi folks.)

Why don't we just stop the B.S. and produce Ethanol to operate our cars, light trucks, etc..??? This is a Major NO-BRAINER. Anyone who has ever taken one semester of Organic Chemistry can testify that this ancient technology works. Are we just too embarrassed to admit that Brazil has embraced this first?

Comment on On ethanol
by Phil Thomasson