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Re: Oh to be an artist blogger...

Check out one of my pottery weblogs :

Mashiko Potter http://potters.blogspot.com/ Zen: Craft As A Way. http://ikiru.blogspot.com/ Wood Kiln http://makigama.blogspot.com/ Clay Craft http://claycraft.blogspot.com/ Potter's Mark! http://hankos.blogspot.com/ Mashiko http://togei.blogspot.com/ Shino Glazes http://shinoglaze.blogspot.com/ Nature In Mashiko http://daishizen.blogspot.com/

Also, check out the new weblog search engine:


About 80,000 listings. Of course, this is only mentioning pottery on the weblogs.

-- Lee Love in Mashiko, Japan http://mashiko.org http://seisokuro.blogspot.com/ My Photo Logs

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