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Re: My Python 4k

I certainly agree with some of the changes, like something as basic as proper relative imports. But I think I hear too many "GUI is old style, the web is the future" comments from a lot of programmers that are more over-enthusiasm for new web technologies rather than a careful look at why we keep and discard old/new technologies in general. As others have pointed out, even new asynchronous web technologies are still unidirectional in one sense: the client makes a request, and only then does the server send a reply. Web servers don't initiate requests to web browsers, although traditional networked GUI applications do this all the time. In tech history, we've gone from assembly language (independent of hardware), to portable languages (independent of assembly language), and now to various styles of cross-platform (independent of OS or basic platform). It's not just the web, but any successful model of cross-platform apps that is the future. The web is the future only because the browser is ubiquitous, but in the end I still have to install Firefox, etc. to be able to use the latest web technology. With things like PyGTK and wxPython, I can have the same ubiquity for GUI apps too. It's all the same: I download the app through my browser when I visit a page, or I download the Python script and run it. (P.S. I do agree with a lot of Ian's points in general. Sorry if this sounds like trolling).

Comment on My Python 4k
by Rob Walker