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"Turning = into an expression. To generalize: dynamic typing adds some usually shallow errors in return for far more expressive code. Assignment as an expression adds some really obnoxious errors (ones that don't raise exceptions) in return for minor expressiveness. That = isn't an expression catches me from making hard bugs almost every day (instead they are easy syntax error bugs).

I'd be fine with := as an assignment-expression, because I wouldn't misspell it. That would certainly be useful. The minimalists would hate this. "

I'm guessing yu'll be using = for equality?

Comment on My Python 4k
by didier


I'm guessing yu'll be using = for equality?

No, nothing so dramatic; instead adding := as another way to do assignment, allowed in expressions. This is why minimalists would hate it (and not without justification). My real problem making assignment into an expression is that it's really easy to spell == as =, with disasterous consequences. It's really hard to accidentally leave out an = and add in a :, so with := I don't expect that typos will be too much of a problem.

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