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Re: More Python, Education

I'm frustrated by a growing trend to look back at what has been done and try to recreate it instead of creating something new through innovation alone. I'm writting in regards to LOGO. Yes, many of us grew up learning logo as our first language. I remember the C64 lab in gradeschool where we would spend 45 minutes at a time staring at that triangular turtle on the screen.

It was a different day back then. LOGO was actually advanced for what the hardware could do, it was designed around how graphics were processed, and Lisp was prehaps the best language of the day.

Newer hardware has some great 3d capabilities. Utilizing them for education is something for modern-day innovation.

RE: Python 3d, I'm a developer with the Soya3d project (www.soya3d.org). We've got an awesome OO 3d frameworking going that's under-utilized by the Python community. Definetly worth checking out.

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by Arc Riley