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Someone actually made a graphical PRT simulator (maybe two?) in Python. But damned if I can find them. One was of a single station, and one was of a complete network (if I remember correctly). There's one listed here, but it's not the one I was thinking of.

There's work underway on a PRT system for Heathrow airport, and one in planning for Dubai. Hopefully those will work out well. At one point there was work on one for Chicago (O'Hare?), but the project didn't go well. My understanding is that the relationship between Raytheon and Taxi 2000 didn't go very well. Raytheon was looking to move out of defense (peace surplus, hah, remember those days?), and they were foisting decisions on Taxi 2000 (the PRT company that is now SkyWeb) that made the system bigger and un-PRT-like.

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