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Re: On the subject of mass transit

I love the idea of PRT, but I have to agree with Eugene that there's not a lot of cities where it could cover its running and maintenance costs over more than a small area. Here in Sydney, Australia, a gigantic problem would be purchasing the real-estate for the stations and tracks.

Also, a nit: as nice as a complimentary car service would be, it's more accurate to describe I-GO as a "complementary" service.

Comment on On the subject of mass transit
by Alan Green


A PRT rail line is only supposed to take up one lane, and could be put into a parking lane, so the real estate is fairly limited. It's also compatible with other traffic, unlike LRT or some other systems. Elevated heavy rail is much harder, because they are so heavy; as a result no one seems to be building them anymore. Those take up a lot of real estate, probably the biggest cost for doing any expansion (especially a dense city); going underground of course has its own very high costs. Anyway, potentially you wouldn't need anymore land, and SkyWeb Express is estimating 13-24 million $US in installation costs per mile. That's more than I've seen elsewhere, but seems pretty affordable in comparison to other systems.

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