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Re: On the subject of mass transit

I live in Manchester, a UK city with about 2.5 million people, the first industrial city. Pretty much all transport seems to suck here (unless you are close to a main line rail station). They are slowly rebuilding the metrolink tram network, but it is closer to a light rail network than a tram (streecar) network. The trams used to go everywhere, until they pulled up the rails 50 or more years ago (or just tarmacced over them). Trams are pleaseant and reliable compared to buses. We need many more of them. Whenever I go to cities in europe, especially eastern europe, they still have extensive urban tram networks, it makes getting around so easy. Perhaps the best public transport I have found has been in Vienna, where there is a good tram network combined with a good underground network.

In the end though I'm disorganised so I need to get everywhere by the quickest possible means of transport, which in the city means by bike. I live in hope that one day the city council will realize that cycle lanes on the pavement (pedestrian bit - sidewalk?) are completely useless and just paint lanes on the road.

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by Laurence Rowe