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Re: Little Apps Instead of Little Frameworks

Ian, have you read Why I Hate Frameworks thread on JoS? It carries similar "no frameworks, please" message only authors talks about libraries, not apps.

I'm curious, how these apps actually look like? Does it have its own project tree in subversion, its own docs/tests, etc.?

Comment on Little Apps Instead of Little Frameworks
by Max Ischenko


No, I haven't seen that; I'll give it a look.

Libraries don't work for some problems. Those that involve several repeated interactions with a browser -- like single-signon systems -- are one case. In that case, you starting needing a "framework", which is just "an abstracted application". And the abstraction is a pain in the butt.

As for what they look like: yes, they look like full projects -- separate tree, separate docs, tests, configuration, setup.py.

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Another swell buzz-word in this vein is 'aspects', like logging: distinct, orthogonal, reusable, unrelated, essential stuff.

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