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How come you wrote your own serializeJSON, when MochiKit already has one?

Because I could not find it. I have a really hard time finding things in MochiKit sometimes.

Could definitely use a status indicator and a way to interrupt.. I guess via some kind of trace func of a C extension to send exceptions across threads.

I haven't particularly noticed that, but then there's lots of conditions I haven't tried. Was there a particular thing you were doing that caused a problem (something I might be able to reproduce)?

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by Ian Bicking


How can the MochiKit docs change such that you'd have an easier time finding things? I mean shit, if you had looked for a function named serializeJSON you'd have found it... you picked the same name I did.

I did "while True: pass" to see how it would be handled.

# Bob Ippolito

Huh, yeah it's right in Base. I guess I have a problem figuring out what module things are in -- specifically Base, Format, and Async, though Base and Iter are also hard to tell apart at times. Now that I look at it, I realize I could just expand all the function lists on the front page of the documentation; instead I kept looking on individual pages. Maybe an "expand list of all available functions" link on the front page would help?

For the while True thing... damn, stopping a runaway thread is hard. Certainly on the client side some indication of command-sent-waiting-for-response can be added easily enough, but unfortunately I don't know how to actually handle the problem of infinite loops.

# Ian Bicking

There are two ways to handle an infinite loop.. you can set a trace func that checks some variable to see if it should raise an exception or not, or you can hack into some semi-private C API which lets you send an exception to another thread. The former is probably better for this.

I'll see about adding that expand all button, should be easy enough.

# Bob Ippolito

Keep in mind that Turing proved (before computers existed in fact) that it is impossible to accurately detect infinte loops -- it's called the 'Halting problem' FYI.

# Silas Snider

A single page with the entire documentation would also help (easier to search). On the topic of docs, links to the implementations from the documentation would also be really nice; the docs can be a little terse at times, but usually the implementation is clear enough.

# Ian Bicking

I'd rather fix the doc bugs than try and link to the source from the docs (non-trivial). Please file tickets when you find documentation that is insufficient.

# Bob Ippolito