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Breakpoints and development

At work, I've been doing a thrice-perverse thing: using MS Access/VBA to prototype applications for SQLServer/VBScript. There is a Publish routine within Access that pushes out all of the code, with one hideously evil nested regex replacement function that papers-over a few irreconcilable differences between VBA/VBScript. One nice aspect of this approach is that I can run my library code within Access/VBA and leverage the IDE for all the usual reasons. Why I clutter your blog with this talk, though, is to pose the following question: can we factor the data, logic, and presentation of the idea web solution such that we can develop perfectly testable pieces using whatever we already use, then push out to a web server? Stated another way: why not just mock all of the web server objects, and factor out the network protocols, and see if changing how we think about the problem provides swell insights? Once all the technical hurdles are surmounted, we can figure out what to do about my company's cranial rectalitis. T-SQL has all the ugliness of Perl, without any power, to charm.

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by Chris Smith