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Re: I dream of PyMoz

+1. We need to build bridges between Python and Mozilla. PyXPCom in particular needs to be fixed. For one thing, the build process is excessively difficult, since the instructions suggest you have to successfully build the whole Mozilla beast in order to build PyXPCom. So just last night I decided to work on this. It turns out someone has already written a rough draft of a setup.py and patches for the unicode incompatibility problems (Mozilla always uses 2-byte characters, but my build of Python uses 4-byte characters.) With some hacking, the setup.py and patches worked.

I plan to finish modernizing the patches and write the build instructions within a few days. Then, if I decide to be ambitious, I'm thinking about making the Mozilla suite usable as a standard Python GUI, using a Wax-like interface. That would give me something to present at PyCon 2006, if someone else doesn't beat me to it. :-)

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by Shane Hathaway