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Handling a diversity of frameworks comment 000

You are of course right on the huge value of being able to switch - or "evolve away" from a specific framework. As seen in the Java world with some people moving away from Struts to more recent setups like Spring, JSF, [today's new favorite], etc., but not needing to move it all at once.

I guess I was loosely speaking more so of the possible reasons for thriving/dying of contenders. Most likely both parts are needed: not being locked-in at a lower level will allow more dynamism in the upper levels, which should lead to a few "obvious choices" as you point out [and I tried to point out as needed to really expand the visibility of pyweb stuff].

Perhaps akin to having your living room furniture bolted down and/or integrated into your flooring - requiring tearing up the floor to change things [current scenario], and having all your furniture on wheels on a nice smooth floor - easy rearrangement [planned]. Alright I'll stop killing analogies now...

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