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Re: Getting Things Done: Tools?

I figured it would take me a while to find the tools that fit with my workflow and life best. Also, I didn't want to have my data on one computer because I work on different computers.

I have a 79 cent spiral ring notebook with a pen that fits in the spiral. It's small, easy to write in, really cheap, and very portable. So that works really well for me for "capturing" things so I don't have to remember them. I check my notebook once or twice a day when I'm near a computer to organize, think about things, do things that can be done at that moment, and move important items to my todo lists.

Then I use Ta-da Lists (http://www.tadalist.com/) to keep track of items that are on my short-term todo list. It has RSS feeds and allows for multiple lists. The Terms of Service expressly state "no bots" which is a bit unfortunate. I like the interface.

I'd recommend skimming 43 Folders (http://www.43folders.com/). 43 Folders is a blog of GTD enthusiasts working on the very issues you've brought up in your blog entry: which tools are out there, will those tools work for me, ...

Hope that helps-- /will

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