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Generic functions, or particularly RuleDispatch, accomplishes just this. Maybe like:

def insert_element(tree, el):
    raise NotImplementedError

@insert_element.when('tree.left is None or el < tree.left')
def insert_element_left(tree, el):
    insert_element(tree.left, el)


At least, I think that does what you want. I wouldn't bank on the performance of that algorithm ;) But the functionality is there, particular in RuleDispatch (which with arbitrary predicate dispatch is more general/powerful than what is being proposed for py3k). Well, I guess I'm not entirely clear on the intention f Pattern(left=None); I guess I'd express that as lambda tree: tree.left is None. I assume the distinction is primarily in a language like OCaml, where you can statically analyze aspects of patterns, which is not generally possible in Python.

Comment on Re: Functional Python
by Ian Bicking


Is the reason that you don't bank on the performance ;) that eval()-ing the condition in quotes would be a bottleneck?

# Justin Bayer

It's not eval'd, it's compiled on import; it's just that doing that branching operation for every pass of a rather tight loop (in tree traversal) isn't an efficient way to do that operation.

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