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I agree that the package layout doesn't necessarily impact it (see my other reply in this thread -- it's certainly possible, for example, to be "coupled" while using third-party components, and "decoupled" while using in-house components as the default). And I still agree wholeheartedly that we don't have a good way to talk about this, because the terms that come to mind are all loaded with connotations from other things. I do think there's a clear difference in focus between Django and some of the other frameworks, though -- we are focused pretty much exclusively (partly for historical reasons and partly because of available developer time) on our single stack of components, while other frameworks focus much more on adaptability and interchangeability. And I still think that's a choice which will end up affecting every part of a framework, and that it's not possible for most projects to pull off an equal focus on both, because both routes require major investments of developer time and effort.

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by James Bennett