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Re: Fixingapacheauthentication comment 000

I think LDAP is definitely the correct solution for you here, although it is a pita if you haven't used it before. It is supported by pretty much everything however, and once you've got it set up it is very straightforward to administer.

It also handles one of the things that I don't think the other schemes you have discussed do, which is additional data associated with a user. Things like their real name, while not essential to authentication, are very useful to centralise, rather than repeating them ad infinitum in every new application that requires them.

I'd say it is worth the learning curve for LDAP - since I got the hang of it I have found it a useful tool in a number of situations where previously I would have chosen something else, but the LDAP fit is actually far better.

Comment on Fixingapacheauthentication comment 000
by Doug Winter