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Re: Fixes What's Wrong With Python

Ack! Ian, sorry about the gauntlet. I didn't actually throw it, more like I accidently bdropped it on the floor.

Last week I asked for suggestions for a "Ten Things Java Programmers Should Know About Ruby" list. The Ta-Da list you linked to is a (temporary) compilation of all the suggestions coming in, without any editting on my part. (Obviously, for the list is a "bit" longer than my targetted goal of ten items). It is there so that people can review all the current suggestions before making new ones. I'm putting together a small presentation for a group of Java programmers and was just soliciting feedback.

Unfortunately, there is no easy place in a Ta-Da list to capture the above meta-information. The list is short-lived anyways, it will probably go away when I've compiled my final version.

For the record, "Fixes what's wrong with Python" does even come close to making the top ten things a _Java_ programmer would need to know. (For that matter, I wouldn't even put it in a list of things a Python programmer would need to know). Ruby and Python are much more similar than different (as you point out), especially compared to what makes it as mainstream languages these days. Your comments on the differences are pretty much right on too.

Comment on Fixes What's Wrong With Python
by Jim Weirich