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I am glad you have sped up your generic functions. If they can be within 5-10x of the if/else method, generic functions become much more worthwhile imho. At 1.3x the speed they become awesome!

Can you please post the code to your changes so that I can verify them?

btw, my version was not 'hand optimized'. I copy-pasted the rules from the other version. Your version is hand optimized... changing the rules, and adding a C version for some rules. By changing the order of the __json__ changed the behaviour of the code. Possibly breaking it in circumstances(when an sql object sqlobject.SQLObject.SelectResultsClass has a __json__ method).

Or did I get the way the rules work wrong? I assumed they would be tested from first declared to last declared.

Is there a way you can make that particular type of rule faster? That is the hasattr(obj, "__json__") type condition. It would seem to be a very common one for this use with types. I have seen it used elsewhere eg, __str__, __html__, etc. Or maybe that is not why the original generic function was slower.

The interesting thing to note here, is that the slowness of one condition had more effect on the generic function version than the if/else version. Is that right? I can't understand why that condition accounts for such a slowdown with generic functions.

To be clear, my proposed approach is to keep things in one file, with the rules in the one place. Only if absolutely necessary do you override functionality in different files. I think it is better to refactor than to patch with conditions hidden in different files.

I also see the useful things of generic functions for when there are lots of rules spread across lots of files you may not own.

If you can get them as fast or faster than if/else rules, then I can definitely see myself using them for game programming. Especially if you can get it to work with psyco.

ps. Are you aiming to have these in python at some point? Is it not released yet? I can't find the documentation for it on your page. I did find http://peak.telecommunity.com/PyCon05Talk/ though. Pretty good that I could figure it out(I think) without documentation, and only a blog post to go by.

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