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There's an entire suite of access control list commands to use for multi-user sessions. You can apparently create user-specific ACL's or add entire groups to the session, and it allows fairly finite control over windows and commands available. It's a pretty advanced piece of software, most of the features of which are never used by the average end-user. One of my favorite .screenrc lines is the following:

# Always add the status bar
# ------------------------------------------
# "%-w%n %t%+w %= %H(%l) %Y/%m/%d %0c"
# ------------------------------------------
# %-w      All windows up to the current one
# %n %t    Number and name of current window
# %+w      All windows after the current one
# %=       Pad spaces
# %H       Host name
# %l       System Load
# %m/%d %c Month/Day TIME
# ------------------------------------------
caption always "%{+b}%{.gR}%-w%{.rB}%n %t%{-}%+w %=%{..B} %H(%l) %{..R}%Y/%m/%d %0c"
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