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Re: First ChiPy Sprint: PyPI

I have to say that screen is one of the most useful applications around. I've been using daily it since my college days, though I can't say I've ever used it in group share mode. That's something I'm going to have to try out. I believe someone wrote a collaborative editor in Python for these types of sessions, but I honestly wouldn't find a reason to use it when screen+${EDITOR} works just as well. Perhaps using IRC or Jabber could help with your CB messages. ;-)
Comment on First ChiPy Sprint: PyPI
by ^chewie


Well, since we were all in the same room, we actually just had to say "ok, I'm done", or "let me edit that." It's just easy to forget and then have more than one person typing (or everyone staring at the screen waiting for someone to do something).

To do it in multi-user mode we all logged in as the same user, and used screen -x. And then hit some magic keys (maybe just ^A-#) -- I haven't used screen much before so I'm fuzzy on the details.

# Ian Bicking

There's an entire suite of access control list commands to use for multi-user sessions. You can apparently create user-specific ACL's or add entire groups to the session, and it allows fairly finite control over windows and commands available. It's a pretty advanced piece of software, most of the features of which are never used by the average end-user. One of my favorite .screenrc lines is the following:

# Always add the status bar
# ------------------------------------------
# "%-w%n %t%+w %= %H(%l) %Y/%m/%d %0c"
# ------------------------------------------
# %-w      All windows up to the current one
# %n %t    Number and name of current window
# %+w      All windows after the current one
# %=       Pad spaces
# %H       Host name
# %l       System Load
# %m/%d %c Month/Day TIME
# ------------------------------------------
caption always "%{+b}%{.gR}%-w%{.rB}%n %t%{-}%+w %=%{..B} %H(%l) %{..R}%Y/%m/%d %0c"
# ^chewie