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Re: Evaluating WYSIWYG editors

The ability to create structured content is sorely missed in these wysiwig embedded editors.

These projects miss the main need here; it's not really how to make the fonts pretty or large. It's how to code content in a way that's ontologically meaningful.

These editors should contain a dropdown list of elements or at minimum element classes. The problem is that it's nearly impossible to reuse this content via conversion into a meaningful xml dialect. You have almost no way to create an embedded microformat here either.

Example, I deal with poetry publishing. Using p and br tags to code stanzas and indents is of little use to me. If they had more structured markup, then conversion scripts could easily be written.

there are solutions in the commercial/enterprise CMS world, but they are costly. For me, this feature is the most important feature for editors, and no editors for plone have this.

Comment on Evaluating WYSIWYG editors
by Robert nagle