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Distributed FS

Isn't Git more like a versioned filesystem? That's what Subversion and SVK are built on, but Subversion and SVK aren't the same as the versioned filesystem underlying them.

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by Ian Bicking


This is an evolution problem, and the situation _is_ somewhat confusing. At the beginning, there was a tool called "Git" which provided very lowlevel commands in the "versioned filesystem" spirit, and on top of that was founded Cogito which provides a real DVCS interface (and I believe it has in fact one of the best UIs out there; but don't believe me, I wrote the thing ;).

So at the beginning, the "this is not a DVCS" notion was true. But that only held for the first several months. Then, various scripts appeared even in Git that started providing a real DVCS interface ("porcelain") you are used too (although the Git UI may be perceived as clumsy), so by now Git is a DVCS on its own, _at the same time? as it still provides the lowlevel interface ("plumbing") e.g. Cogito uses.

# Petr Baudis

Don't get me wrong, but the problem with cogito/git is that there is no webpage claiming: "This is git, that is cogito. You can use it using this 10 minutes to success tutorial..."

If i google up "git" or "cogito" i don't get any results. Only a combination with linux or kernel returns me a link pointing to kernel.org/git. And there is nothing related to git :-/

Regards, Armin

# Armin Ronacher

git.or.cz is the fourth result when googling git, cogito directory on kernel.org is the fourth result when googling cogito and cogito's README is the fifth result. But I agree that Cogito needs own homepage and the Git's homepage is too brief, I've bumped its priority and will try to expand it. Thanks for your feedback!

# Petr Baudis

Ah. Setting google language settings to English improved the situation. My prefered language was German and there were no results :-(

# Armin Ronacher

I dunno what the decision procedure for determining what a "VCS" versus "versioned filesystem" is. Certainly git has nothing in common with every other thing called a "distributed filesystem" (e.g., NFS, cluster filesystems, etc.), and everything in common with VCSes. Even from the very beginning, it was never possible to write _interestingly different? VCSes on top of git, because it defined all the semantics of what would be stored, and what wouldn't. You could put different UIs on top, maybe use different programs to actually copy the data around, but that's true of every VCS...

Not really an important argument, but I think there's enough noise in this space without continuing to perpetuate this bit :-)

# Nathaniel Smith