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Dvcs mini roundup comment 000

There's several pieces listed on the Git website, and when I've seen Git in conversations I've seen people refer to a couple different pieces. Many of those pieces may not be version control systems... all I know is there's a bunch of things, and it's unclear which is which. That "Git" gets all the fame due to its lineage, yet is a fairly low-level bit of code, probably doesn't help the situation.

I'm confused about the Cogito link, the only link I can see leads to the list of release tarballs - is that what you mean, that it would look better if there would be a direct link to the latest version?

No, there should be a link to a real website! That website should show a quick sample of how to use it, links to docs, etc. It would probably be good to explain Cogito's relation to Git and other tools as well. A link to an index of files gives the impression that it's a really low-level tool, or else that it is a tool very early in its development. At least that's what I usually think when I encounter such a page.

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